Coat Rack


June 29, 2012 by istealstuff

I am a sucker for re-purposed items. Really, just about anything that is wood and looks beat up can become a decor project. We recently bought our first home and wouldn’t you know there were 2 pieces of treasure waiting for me – one in the rafters of our garage. I am sorry to say I did not get pictures while this project was happening but to be honest – not a whole lot had to happen. I’ll just walk you through the few steps.

The Find

We found this old window in our garage – I’m going to assume it is original to the house because the windows were replaced not too long ago.

I immediately made my way to the computer to look up “old windows” on pinterest and came across this pin which is what I was going for.

First I sanded the entire thing. As much as I love old beat up pieces of wood, I HATE not being able to dust thoroughly. Not to mention this is for our coats to hang on and I didn’t want to snag our fabric. The window was already painted white so I didn’t want to sand the paint off, just get rid of any rough edges or splinters.

I went to bed, bath and beyond and purchased 2 – 2packs of silver wall mount coat hooks(this is the closest item I found online). I then dipped them in some black paint I had sitting around. If I had the money in this months “house” budget to purchase a primer before dipping them – I would have done that. But I didn’t have the patience to wait for the next month to start so I went ahead and dipped them.

Then we mounted the hooks onto the window and I used a q-tip with black paint to touch up the hooks and screws.

The window had all the original hardware on it so we decided to use that to our benefit and purchased screws with wall anchors that would fit through the brackets already on the window. I’m completely in love with this piece 🙂


One thought on “Coat Rack

  1. Melody says:

    Love this one!!! It would look great with pictures in the window panes too!

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