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July 13, 2012 by istealstuff

I co-hosted a bridal shower for literally the sweetest person in the world. My family is THRILLED to death that she is marrying my cousin(who, is also one of my favorite people in the world). Kelly(the bride to be) is doing khaki and white(with some green accents) for her wedding so we wanted to follow suite for her shower. I’ve seen fabric poms on pinterest before and thought the shower would be the perfect excuse to try my hand at making them. Lucky for me my mom was a willing participant with the craft. So here is the pin that inspired us. Here is the website, www.oncewed.com, which has the tutorial we based our poms off of.

First we went to Home Depot and bought burlap. It was actually just a burlap sack in the gardening section (I think it ran about 5 bucks, and I had enough left over for a few other shower projects). Then we went to JoAnns and bought a 6 pack of foam balls. We cut the burlap into circles – a word to the wise – burlap is super messy so it’s best to cut it outdoors. Please learn from my mistake of cutting it on my dining room table. All the little fibers get EVERYWHERE. After we had a stack of circles we started hot gluing them just like in the above tutorial. Well, long story short burlap is not solid and it was extremely messy(not to mention painful). After we completed one stupid pom using hot glue, my mom had the bright idea to use flower pins. She had a box with the pearl tips so we used those to simply pin the circles onto the balls and man alive that saved so much time and took much less burlap. Plus, the pearls give it a more sophisticated look since we were using burlap(not a fancy fabric).

Here you can see the first pom we did with hot glue and the second with the pins. Oh, and the green moss ball we purchased from oriental trading company. We used twine, hot glue and tacks to hang the poms

Here are some more of the burlap/green decorations we did for the shower 🙂


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