July 20, 2012 by istealstuff

I’m just assuming Gavin(my son) gets tired of eating scrambled eggs and various flavors of oatmeal and yogurt for his breakfast. So I decided it was time to make a batch of homemade silver dollar pancakes that I could freeze to help mix things up a bit in the mornings. Not sure about you but I am NOT interested in making pancakes first thing in the morning, especially a weekday. I’d much rather sit and drink a cup of coffee while chatting away with my son over breakfast. I ended up making about 80 mini pancakes, freezing them and now I just pull out 3 at a time, throw them in the microwave and voila! – homemade pancakes. I really like that I know exactly what is in them. They are super fluffy pancakes and they definitely taste homemade 🙂

First place I looked for a homemade pancake recipe? Pinterest. Here’s the pin that lead me to the mound of pancakes that are currently in my kitchen… So I would have followed the recipe on exactly – but I went to 4(4!!) stores and could not for the life of me find powdered eggs. Now, yes I could have probably ordered them online but I was itching to make the pancakes now, not in a week. I had all the other ingredients in my cupboard already which was wonderful for our grocery budget so here is what I ended up doing.


Ingredients: (I followed the dry mix recipe and simply omitted the powdered eggs)

8 cups all-purpose flour

6 Tablespoons + 2 Teaspoons baking powder

4 teaspoons salt

2/3 cup sugar (I almost always have vanilla sugar in my cupboard so next time I will probably use that instead of regular sugar, just to add a little depth)

2 2/3 cup instant milk powder

*This will make 4 batches of pancakes. You can throw the dry mix into a ziploc bag and leave it in your cupboard.

Pancakes: (I adjusted the amount of water because I used fresh eggs instead of powder, I also added vanilla)

2 1/2 cups dry pancake mix from above

2 eggs

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 1/4 cup water

2 teaspoons vanilla

Simply mix all the ingredients and you are ready to make your pancakes! Easy right? For silver dollar pancakes I use a tablespoon to scoop and drop batter onto the hot griddle. Once they are done, I let them cool, put them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and into the freezer and once they are frozen I toss them all into a ziploc bag. When it’s time to eat them I grab 3 or more and throw them in the microwave for about 35-40 seconds. The entire process took me about an hour and I even made a double batch. You really can’t beat that. Sometimes I will add fruit to the batter (blueberries, strawberries etc). Plus, I always have a bag of mix in my cupboard so making hot(regular size…) pancakes on a Saturday morning is a cinch.


3 thoughts on “Pancakes

  1. rachellesmom says:

    Yum! Looks so easy and fast!

  2. Ellie Abney says:

    I just made the hugest stack of veggie pancakes for little J to add to his meals. So quick and easy to make and they last for so long! We are thinking alike 🙂

    • istealstuff says:

      OoooOoooo – I would LOVE the recipe for your veggie pancakes! That sounds like a wonderful thing to have in the freezer to add to Gavin’s meals that are short on veg!

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