Cleaning grout

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July 23, 2012 by istealstuff

I HATE (loath, despise, abhor…whatever) dirty grout. It’s just so irritating. I’m starting to dislike grout altogether – it doesn’t even have to do anything and it bothers me. It attracts dirt and then holds onto it for dear life. When we moved into our house I noticed the white speckled tile on my kitchen counters(reminded me of the gold flecks in the bathroom sink when I was growing up). But even more I noticed the grout. I scrubbed, I soaked, I scraped and nothing. I had given up on the grout and assumed we would have to save up money to replace our kitchen counters (since I wasn’t going to spend any money to re-do the grout when the tiles aren’t my favorite..). We have the same white tiles and grout in the shower and as much as I scrub, the black proves more stubborn than I. Instead of dousing the shower in bleach I ended up doing a bit of research and heard a rumor that a bleach and water solution(equal parts or for tough stains 60%bleach/40%water) works better than straight bleach. I’m cheap and watering down an already inexpensive cleaner sounded too good to be true. Well, I tried it in my shower and as of right now, the shower seems to be winning the battle. Though I will keep using the solution and let you know if it works with time. BUT I had a little mix left in the bottle and decided to try it out on my kitchen counters.

Mix equal parts bleach and water in a spray bottle

First I sprayed a section of grout, and after watching the mixture sit and do nothing I thought I should help it along so I grabbed a toothbrush and started lightly scrubbing the grout. OH….MY….WORD – I was actually giddy at how easily the grout came clean! I ended up spraying the mix until it ran out(unfortunately the mix ran out before I was done with the counters and I didn’t have anymore bleach). Do I love the tile? No. Do I feel the intense need to tear the tile out? Nope. Check it out 🙂  Let me apologize for my lame photography skills. I would have had my husband (heck, my almost 2 year old might be a better photographer than I am) take the pictures but the whole house was napping.

Gross grout


Left half is dirty/ right half is clean!!


After. The dark areas are because of missing grout…


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