Wooden sign for master bedroom


July 25, 2012 by istealstuff

When my husband and I got married I decided that  no matter what the rest of the house looked like, I really wanted the master bedroom to be a special place. I loved the idea of using some mushy quote in the bedroom but my husband vetoed everything I came across labeling it “cheesy”….which it was. But one day I came across this scripture and we finally had a quote that we both loved…. “I have found the one my soul loves” song of solomon 3:4.

When we purchased our home there was a large piece of wood(maybe a bed railing, who knows…) out on the curb for the trash to pick up. Well, the trash guy said no way and drove off, leaving me staring at this piece of trash on the ground.

Then I remembered  my friend Beth O’brien‘s home and her amazing eye for designing with pieces that have been disregarded, which inspired me to get creative with the piece of wood. I decided to buy this wall decal with the song of solomon verse and put it on the wood and mount the whole thing to our bedroom wall.
The decal came as one piece so the first thing I did was to cut each line of the quote to separate them. Then I laid them out on the huge piece of wood and marked where I needed the piece to be trimmed. We don’t have any tools. Ok, that’s kind of an exaggeration. We have a few tools. Hammers, screwdrivers, etc. No saws of any kind. Well, lucky for me I have an awesome uncle who just so happens to co-own a woodwork shop locally. You can check out their website at C C A Woodworks. Just a quick side note – my uncle’s company has been around for almost as long as I’ve been alive. They are gifted carpenters and are men of integrity (which can be hard to find) so if you are local and need some work done feel free to give them a call 🙂 Where was I?

Oh yah, so my wonderful uncle cut down the giant piece of wood for me and then I sanded it and washed it down. After that I just followed the directions that came with the decal – taped the words where I wanted them, took off the backing and then used a drywall scraper to adhere the letters to the wood. When I peeled off the top layer I went extremely slowly and anytime the letter started peeling off with the top layer I carefully detached it and pressed it onto the wood. Honestly, the entire process of sanding, cleaning and adhering the letters probably took 15 minutes.

Now, the wood I used was still a pretty rough piece so I went and bought a can of clear matte spray paint and did a quick coat before having my hubby mount the sign to the wall. I bought a mirror hanging kit (50lbs is DEFINITELY overkill, but…well…I’d rather be safe than sorry and it was cheaper than the other kits and said “heavy duty” which made me feel better:)

All in all I think this sign cost me about 16 bucks. Soooo satisfying!


6 thoughts on “Wooden sign for master bedroom

  1. rachellesmom says:

    This is so intimate and romantic ~ ~ ~ I want to find the one my soul loves too ❤

  2. Kelly says:

    I want one! I hope whatever house i buy has great wood pieces like yours haha. LOVE it.

  3. Melinda says:

    Great job, Rachelle! I LOVE it and want one, too!!! Guess I am off to rummage through my neighbors garbage 🙂

  4. Ellie Abney says:

    Love, love, love it!!! You’re amazing.

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